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[ Common Boundary Construction ]

_______________________________ (Date of Agreement), agreement was made between)
_______________________________ (Name of the First Property Owner) residing at
_______________________________ (Address of the First Property Owner), and
_______________________________ (Name of the Second Property Owner) residing at
_______________________________ (Address of the Second Property Owner).

A. The owner of the property located at _____________________________ (Address of the First Property Owner) is planning on doing construction along the adjoining property line owned by _______________________________ (Name of the Second Property Owner). The building will extend __________ (Number of Feet of the extension) feet into the ground along the boundary line.

B. Excavator will take all necessary precautions to prevent damage to adjoining landowner's property, if adjoining landowner agrees to the terms of this excavation. Excavator will be liable for any damages to adjoining landowner or his property as a result of the proposed excavation.

1. Excavator may continue with proposed construction along the boundary line at no cost to adjoining landowner as agreed by both parties.

2. Excavator will be held responsible for all damages to adjoining landowner's property or to himself.

______________________________ _____________________
Signature of excavator Date

______________________________ _____________________
Signature of adjoining landowner Date

______________________________ _____________________
Signature of witness Date

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