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[ Open Listing Realty Agreement ]

This agreement signed on the _____day of ____________, 20__, by and between ____________________________ (Owner) and_______________________

(Broker) who agree as follows:

Listing term. Owner lists the following described property, which is located at __________________________________________________________, with Broker for a period of _____days, from date hereof.

Description of Property. The property is more particularly described as follows:

Commission. Owner agrees to pay Broker a commission of _____ percent (% ) of the sale price should Broker find a purchaser ready, willing, and able to pay at least _________ dollars ($) for the property or such other sum as may be accepted by Owner. Said commissions are payable upon closing.

Non-Exclusive. The Owner retains the right to sell the property directly on his or her own behalf with no sales commission to Broker, so long as the Broker did not find the purchaser. The Owner further has the right to list the property with other brokers. If a sale is made within ___ months after this agreement terminates to parties found by the Broker during the term of this agreement, and the buyer has been disclosed to Owner, Owner shall pay the commission specified above.

Forfeit of Deposit. If a deposit of money is forfeited by a purchaser produced by Broker, one half of the deposit shall be retained by Broker, and the other half of the deposit shall be paid to the Owner.



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